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For cargo owners and shippers, one of our key advantage is that Euro Terminal has Free Trade Zone status. This operates in the same way as other European facilities for storage of products held in bond.

No customs duties or other taxes are charged as long as the goods remain in the terminal. And there is no time limit for storing goods kept as a consignment which are later sold on the Polish or any other market.

Foreign companies not registered in Poland, as well as companies from third countries, may store goods within Free Trade Zone without approval of Customs Office and without customs bond. Storage of goods has no time limit, what enables later sale on Polish market or in third countries.

The same applies to cargo discharged at the terminal, which is in transit via Poland to other countries. In addition, goods that are imported and processed at Euro Terminal and then exported are not subject to Polish taxes. Generally, any type of activity in accordance with Polish customs rules may be pursued on Free Trade Zone, except retail business.

Free Trade Zone was established by the Decree of Ministry Council on August 23. 1994 about establishment of free trade zone in Świnoujście (Journal of Laws no. 94, pos. 448). Free Trade Zone covers 46 ha of land and entirely is located within borders of port in Świnoujście.


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